Paper Towel Solutions

imageAlong with the space for a trash can dilemma, fits the problem of a paper towel dispenser.  Since cabinet space is much too precious and finding a place for a hanging bracket was a challenge– Not to mention, a bracket requires remembering to secure the roll for transit.  There just isn’t any fun in realizing, once again, that you’ve forgotten and your Egg looks to be hit by TP vandals!

So, I started to design the perfect fabric camping paper towel holder in my head. It had to encapsulate the roll.  I wanted it waterproof so if I left it on the picnic table dew and sprinkles wouldn’t ruin it, it had to have straps for hanging and two finger carrying and it had to be plain.

As I was working this up in my mind,  I thought that surely someone else must have come up this already–though I had never seen one.  After about a half hour of Googling, I found it.


As you can see in the cover picture, it mounts on my light pole at the table and is just about perfect.  The only thing that would have made it better was a slightly bigger circumference because a hefty roll does not pull easily out of the Velcro slot when the roll is new.  Work the roll a little thinner, though and you are home free!

Hope you like it as much as we do,

Note:  I did have to a short elastic strap between the bottoms of each of the existing tabs to allow it to slip over the upper cabinet doors.  I hardly ever use it inside though.


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