There are many ways to go about adding solar to your arsenal of energy generating– essential for boondocking(non shore power situations). It seems just the propane detector and fridge (running on propane but still pulling electricity for the electronics) drain the battery in a day or two.  Solar makes a gas generator unnecessary for keeping […]

Words to Heed

It’s in the early mornings before my family awakens that I spend a little time talking to The Center of the Universe, Source, God, Abba,  Buddha–or Love (because all those words boil down to God for me).  Sometimes, right before periods of big change in my life, the Universe will answer me back.  Generally, that means […]

Camping on Rend Lake Il, Gangster Ghosts and George Harrison

There are little towns all across America that boast a claim to fame or historic event that puts them on the map of worthy visits.  Some lucky towns have tireless and generous citizens who work to preserve the history through murals, museums, oddities and public sculptures.  Benton Il is just such a town.  Downtown, the […]

Special Delivery

This post is a bit of departure from my  travel and Egg stories so I hope you will bear with me. Yesterday, I went to our tiny local post office and there being a que, I waited outside in the little vestibule.  The woman ahead of me, motioned me in, saying we’d move the line […]

Sharing the Love

  One of the most important things we can do for each other is to inspire creativity.  I hope that my work decorating our Casita and crafting fun Casita-esque projects inspires some of you to play around with art and practicality to manifest wonderful new things in your (camping) lives, too. When I look around […]

Maintaining the shine

Our Egg will be 17 months old in about two weeks.  She has been on 20 trips.  That means 20 scrubbings to get the splattered bugs off.  The deal with The Hub is I do the trip washes if he does the waxing.  So, today, we finally had a 75 degree cloudy day–perfect weather for […]