A couple years old now, our little automatic camera is still a favorite thing.  In the eighties we had the big pre-digital SLR and a bag of big expensive lenses and have shifted to smaller and smaller and better and better point and shoot cameras every few years.

When we bought this Panasonic Luminix (, I was looking for a camera with a great zoom lens, some user control and point and shoot quick snaps.  It had to fit in any of my small handbags and have a good lanyard for wearing around my neck.

image(Note:  this is an iPad camera photo)

The biggest reason to upgrade was I wanted to be able to shoot clear shots and be able to transfer them to my IPad on the road–for email and blog sharing.  The transfer is a little bit clunky but once you’ve done it a couple times, it’s easy.

This camera will give amazing hand-held pictures even in low light.  The zoom is downright awesome.

I still have user trouble trying to quick capture something like a butterfly moth in motion using the macro feature–frustrating.  And it can be irritating when I’m in the wrong mode to put the flash where I want it, but these times are few and the Intelligent Auto mode does a nice job.

We really enjoy this camera and love the compact size.  Two thumbs up from us!

So, if you are looking for a new Internet ready compact camera that takes great shots, check out the Panasonic Luminix DMC-Z540.


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