Great Gifts for Egg Travellers

I love to share the great things I find that make Egg travelling more comfortable and efficient.  I particularity love it when these products come from a really nice company. Today’s share is out of Canada.  I just purchased several items from their Gifts catalog and am very happy with them:   Photo credit: […]

The options we chose for our Casita

  When we first decided to leave the tent, I thought we were headed in the direction of a Scamp Camper.  As we started to look into it, we found out that there are several lightweight fiberglass Egg makers so my Hub, the consummate researcher, began his internet queries and a spreadsheet was born.  We […]

Thoughts on a Nomadic Life

The topic of travelling for long parts of the year comes up a lot.  We aren’t yet retired, so this can be an academic sort of meandering at this point.  I’m doing my research though.  I’m a dreamer. I love to see a world of possibility and abundance.  The Hub and I have been living […]

The August 2017 Solar Eclipse

There many wonderful sites out there showing the path of the eclipse.  This is my favorite: Missouri has just opened up their reservation page for the three day minimum reservation of the eclipse dates (8/18-8/21/17).  Normally MO won’t allow reservations for future years (one need wait til Jan 1st).  So, reservations are filling fast. […]