What style of Camper are you??

Are you the kind who has a list of parks you want to visit … and check each one off as an accomplishment? Are you the kind of camper who visits a park and stays close to the camper to play with cooking tools and seeing campground sights? Are you the kind of Camper who […]

All That We Do Not Need

The other day, I was speed scrolling through the miasma of Facebook and came upon an RV Camping post touting the awesomeness of a dollar store plastic tri-pot holder…purchased as a camping tool. Now lots of people were saying great idea…awesome…and other such platitudes. All I could think was, really??? Does anyone actually think anymore, […]

What Brings You Joy?

I’d like you to sit with that statement for a minute. Now ask yourself: What brings YOU joy? It’s confounding to me how very difficult that question can be to answer. I mean, what do you do to create joy for yourself? Do you define yourself as a joyful person? If one observes children, they […]

Favorite places around Saint Louis

So many people ask me for recommendations in and around Saint Louis, that I thought I’d list a few here: Saint Louis has a commitment to free arts. The Zoo, Art Museum (a relic of the 1904 World’s fair with a new modern addition), Laumeier Sculpture Park are all high on my list of wonderful […]

For those with closets

I don’t have a closet in my camper, but I am always thinking about Eggs and how I can help folks enjoy their’s more. I saw this rack idea someone came up with for a 4″ deep closet in a big RV. The lightbulb came on. And I thought how easy it would be to […]

Make it your own

If there is one thing I hope to convey in all my holiday decorating, it’s that creating from your heart is so much more fun than just buying things off the shelf. One truth I rediscover every year, as I unpack my ornaments, is that it’s the ones that come with the love of friends […]

Christmas Campers

Well, this crazy year has been so up and down with trips out west to try and get the new house up and running, interspersed with wildfires and all manner of crazy events. We barely had time to get any camping trips in but a few did dot our year’s landscape. It seems we will […]

Up on the Mountain

This morning I awoke to the embrace of a cloud. The main valley below was lost in white, while the distances in our upper valley were shallow. One lonely Mule Deer walked the front path. Quiet reigned on the pond but for the jumping of a fish and the spillway dancing with falling water. The […]

Stepping up

As much to help our short legged long-bodied dogs as us, we use a stable aluminum platform step with adjustable legs to make it easier to access the Egg.  We like it because each leg can be adjusted if we are in unlevel sites.  That isn’t to say, there is always enough adjustment room, however. […]