Up on the Mountain

This morning I awoke to the embrace of a cloud.

The main valley below was lost in white,

while the distances in our upper valley were shallow.

One lonely Mule Deer walked the front path.

Quiet reigned on the pond but for the jumping of a fish

and the spillway dancing with falling water.

The sun then came up over the back hills,

Casting pinks and oranges and lavenders into the cool white mist.



Right now, the work on the new house consumes me.  I will get back to blogging soon.   Peace.



3 thoughts on “Up on the Mountain

  1. It was a beautiful here in Southeast Missouri … hope you are well … looking forward to pictures of your new home … 🌺🌻🌼⚘🌹🌸


    1. My Hub drove back to STL over the weekend. He said the lettuce and radishes were very happy. I’m slogging through a lot of heavy labor but nearly ready for floors. Once they are in, I can breathe a little and go about starting the decorative finishes and treatments. I’ve got about two weeks to finish mudding and priming and painting and hopefully some decorative paint before the floor people come. We were lucky to get these people.

      No rest for the weary! Hope you’ve gotten out camping and making memories!


  2. thank you for taking a moment to delight us all in your area images…ahhhh, striking reminders of my own ~living high atop the Colorado rockies days 🙂 Enjoy…sooo happy for you!!! xoxoxo Donna


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