Finding a campground

Our style of camping might be a bit different than most.  We, generally, look for small out-of-the-way places to camp that are near quirky and historic sites.  Our preference is to find a place where few camp so we can enjoy the forests and the solitude.  Most of our trips are 4 day weekends at […]

What’s Bugging you?

This the season for mosquitos, annoying gnats and ticks.  Arggggh! Because DEET can’t be used on skin safely, We have been using a blend of essential oils that we find very effective–as long as we re-apply about every two hours in heavy bug season. For the Mosquitos and ticks I mix the following ingredients in […]

Sheets And Foam (and securing them)

We use the king-sized bed configuration in our Independence model and sleep with our heads near the opening for ease of exit.    We have a super comfy princess and the pea thing going on because we put a 3″ 4 lb density heavy foam topper over the Casita foam cushions. Upon opening up the mattress, […]

Summer Egg Fashions

Looking through my posts, I realize I have not shared our Egg’s summer look with you.  We camp year round so I have the large vibrant heavy quilt for Fall and Winter but needed a lighter, smaller quilt for the rest of the season to help with more frequent washing when rain brings in muddy […]

Perfecting the Camp Chair

Thanks to Aldi grocery and $12.99, my zen camping chair now has the perfect shade cover.  It’s a lightweight and very compact 6′ beach umbrella!  I use my favorite twisty bendable flex-ties to affix it to the chair (see my post on sticks and lights for a picture of those flex-ties).  Nirvana! For those that […]

Paper Towel Solutions

Along with the space for a trash can dilemma, fits the problem of a paper towel dispenser.  Since cabinet space is much too precious and finding a place for a hanging bracket was a challenge– Not to mention, a bracket requires remembering to secure the roll for transit.  There just isn’t any fun in realizing, […]