Summer Egg Fashions

Looking through my posts, I realize I have not shared our Egg’s summer look with you.  We camp year round so I have the large vibrant heavy quilt for Fall and Winter but needed a lighter, smaller quilt for the rest of the season to help with more frequent washing when rain brings in muddy paws and things just tend to need more washing. I wanted something that would still coordinate with my shaggy grey pillows, throw and upholstery.

I was able to find a lightweight quilt, two shams and two pillow from a local close-out store for around $40 and that set my lighter theme.

It was then, the wheels of my imagination took flight.  I started with the existing little green and white pillow and made a couple felted dog heads and a tiny camper for it.  (You have probably already guessed, it’s all about the dogs here!)


Voila a theme was born.  My next project was to create some whimsical shams to hold the extra linens, miscellaneous soft items and extra clothes.  Making these was fun!

That gave birth to mini paintings, the pin map, games, tray table and so much more.


I’ll be writing up some of the fun practical art projects and hopefully getting a good shot of the full outside set up soon.  Who knew I’d have so much fun creating a personalized little Egg of whimsy?!

Dont be afraid to create something unique and personal with your Egg.  Decorating it will add joy to your journey –because it’s never just about the destination.


Note:  please consider following the blog.  Lots of fun travelogues and decorating ideas in the works.


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5 thoughts on “Summer Egg Fashions

  1. BEAUUUTIFUL!!! Wowza!! You nailed it ~ the summer colors make it such a happy place, your lil egg is truly cozy! ahhhhh…such talent!! Your pups have a darn nice gig there!!

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