More Kitchen Helpers–Drying Rack

Sorting through what works verses what works better (and always editing for storage and weight) we have gone through two different iterations on dish drying aparatus. The first was a roll out rack that fully expanded to cover the sink.  This worked great for dishes washed outside and brought in to air dry overnight and […]

More Kitchen Helpers–Ice trays

One of these days, I’m going to get around to doing a full inventory of what our essential trip gear is.  Until then, I’ll share things, little by little, that help make our camping fun. Today, lets talk ice and storage.  My favorite ice trays for the Casita are small silicone squares.   They fit the […]

Banner Trips™

While waiting on big projects to dry in my studio today,  I am painting up some of our Banner Trips™ on little fabric flags that will soon decorate our Casita. What a joy it is to recreate moments of happiness along our journey. I encourage you to create something special for your Egg, too.  Any […]

Securing the Electric for Towing

You’ve seen me wax poetic about these little flexi-twists before in my Sticks and Lights post (  and Perfecting the Perfect Camp Chair post (    Basically, we find these super twist ties incredibly useful.  They come in many sizes and colors. Well, we were tired one night and pulled a freshman mistake while unhitching […]

Waterproof Camera Bag

A quick product testimonial here on a waterproof camera bag. We went to our favorite lake this past weekend and played with our dogs in the water.  I wanted to bring a camera but none of ours are waterproof.  My Hub suggested we use my sister’s old IPhone –since we bring it for audiobooks anyway. […]

Making the Little Bedskirt

This project was a super rush from materials I had on hand.  I keep our folding table and the chair shade umbrellas under the bed, as well as the Corgi’s bed, and they all needed hiding for the newspaper photo shoot –in a few hours time.   It occurred to me that there should be […]

Making a Floor Cloth

Ok, this idea came to me in the eleventh hour three days before the local newspaper was coming out to take some pictures of our little Egg. I was looking at how the tan factory vinyl choice was a little dead and thinking about how the rugs we owned would photograph and boom…I thought of […]

Minnie Me–Crafting Casitas

Remember when you were little and making things was just for fun??  You didn’t worry about how it might turn out or if it was good enough–well, that is if you didn’t have a set of critical older siblings watching over your shoulder, lol. That sense of abandonment and creativity waits for us to remember […]

Cooking in an Egg

There seems to be no set rule on how I cook in this little space.   Originally, I thought I wouldn’t use the inside kitchen much — lingering odors, confined spaces, etc.–but experience has changed all that. Our latest trip, for example, was a 2+ week survey of Colorado’s mountains and parks.  We picked up […]

Beware the Alpine Mosquito Hours

For the most part, our 20 years of camping haven’t required an extra screen tent.  As we headed up to Colorado’s 10,000 foot heights, however, we thought back to the incredible hoards of blood sucking mosquitos we found while backpacking on Mt. Margaret in Denali NP. Wanting to keep the mosquitos at bay, while not […]