Making a Floor Cloth

Ok, this idea came to me in the eleventh hour three days before the local newspaper was coming out to take some pictures of our little Egg.

I was looking at how the tan factory vinyl choice was a little dead and thinking about how the rugs we owned would photograph and boom…I thought of canvas and creating a wall to wall rug that would make my summer look pop.

I needed it to look like flooring, be removeable (because my heavier Winter quilts are a different set of colors), not cost much and be quick enough for me to finish in time for the photography.

I soon figured out that I didn’t want to invest in canvas.  Next idea:  Sheet Vinyl!  From the big box hardware store, I obtained a bit of white color based vinyl flooring that already had nice small scale squares embossed in it.  I made a paper pattern of the floor and laid it out on the thin vinyl and used utility scissors to cut it out.

At that point, I did an all over light sanding of the cut out vinyl shape to key the surface and prepare it for paint.  Painting was fun.  I had to paint fast so it would have time to dry and be walkable in just two days.

When I put it in place, I wasn’t very happy with the looseness of some of my pattern so I took pretty coordinated Duck Tape and placed it around the edge–filling up gaps and adding more charm.

I still need to tweak the fit and poly coat it 3-4 times but that will have to happen next week.

In these small spaces where the walls have limited changeablity, we have to look at every surface and see where we can add color and charm.  I think this flooring lifted the adorable factor considerably.  image

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4 thoughts on “Making a Floor Cloth

    1. Good to know. In my case, the “Duck Tape” barely extends beyond the painted vinyl but I’ll be sure to poly any underside overlap when I poly the top.

      Thanks for the tip!!


    1. I do, too. Now, I’m thinking of trying to come up with a wall to wall rag rug to match the Winter colors–a cold Feb project. It’s a darn good thing this is a tiny camper. Lol


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