The Trouble With Trash

Traveling in a 17′ two-dog, no wet bath camper, trash storage can be a real issue.  There really is no good place to put a trash can so one needs to be inventive.  In my case, I was given a souvenir Mexican woven purse many years ago and it works as the perfect, pretty receptical […]

The Essential Dog Camping Kit

We travel with a 22lb Corgi and a 52lb Bassador.  They light up our camping travels and bring us so much joy.  They need their own gear, too.  This is what we consider essential. A cable or soft flat long lead to string between two trees or poles onto which you can thread a long […]

Sticks and Lights

We usually use most of the sunlight to hike trails and gather new experiences so that necessitated devising a system to hang lights at the picnic table–particularly in boondocking (no electric or other amenities) situations. I needed to be able to set up poles on both our aluminum 27″ x 27″ folding table and a […]

Tick Off

Oh my, the mild Winter has allowed a flourishing of itsy bitsy seed ticks this Spring. Traveling with a  Corgi and a Bassador, we are in an unending battle with the tiny terrors.  Even with their monthly flea and tick repellent and some wonderful Cedar Oil spray, we always have our work cut out for […]

Manifesting Luck

Have you ever pondered the beauty of clover? Have you watched the wind push the tall flowers, challenging the bees to keep up? How many times have you wished for a four leaf clover? Elusive and magical. Did you know that in Spring, young clover is edible?  A gift as plentiful as dandelion leaves and […]

The Almost Perfect Camp Chair

The perfect camping chair is a subjective thing.  It can be different things in different settings, too.  In the days of car camping, our heavy duty folding chairs were just the ticket for the limited space and ease of use.  Now that we have the Casita, we have a little more room to lug a […]

Build a Better Gazebo

We enjoy taking the back roads when we can–and when Garmin inexplicably sends us there.  It’s on the smaller roads that you wind through pretty farmland, small towns and unusual sights while traveling the Casita recommended 50-60 mph.  It is nice not to have to watch the fast lane pass you by.  But, I digress. […]

The Perfect Tablecloth

Since park tables can vary from 6″ to 10′ it’s tough to find a pre-made cloth. I designed this style and made one each in our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter colors.  Using Sunbrella, you can just wipe off stains easily.  Any stubborn stain will almost always come off with a little soap and water.  I haven’t […]

Siloam Springs and Quincy IL Trip

Like so many of our little getaways, this trip needed to be just a couple hours drive so that the weekend wasn’t lost in travel and so that set-up could be in daylight (in our early camping days we would often set-up after dark  priming the evening for upset, don’t you know.) I was looking […]

Our Little Egg is One Year Old

Just a little over a year ago, we were tent camping down in Florida for Christmas vacation.  It had rained and stormed just before we arrived and this site opened up for us as well as the flooded one, next to us.  We had no neighbors for a week in this highly prized campground. Did […]