The Trouble With Trash

Traveling in a 17′ two-dog, no wet bath camper, trash storage can be a real issue.  There really is no good place to put a trash can so one needs to be inventive.  In my case, I was given a souvenir Mexican woven purse many years ago and it works as the perfect, pretty receptical for daily trash inside the Casita.  I keep several tall kitchen bag liners in the bottom under the one we are using during the current trip.

Basically, the trash has to be managed before you leave home (or even in the grocery parking lot because there are trash cans there) and during the trip.  When planning trip meals, I often take any meats, cheeses, veggies etc. out of their wrappers, prep them, and put them in small plastic storage boxes.  This process will really help you see how excessive and wasteful American packaging can be.  If I know we are going to be in a boondocking situation and there won’t be trash cans, I plan what we take to be as trash-less as possible.

Traveling with dogs, they get first dibs on food scraps.  Not being red meat or pork eaters, we don’t have to deal with bones–that makes things easier.  All paper goods go into the fire.  All recyclables get rinsed and put in their own little grocery bag on top of the car (and tied to the roof rack at night to keep critters from scattering them).  We bring home whatever the park doesn’t recycle (often that means glass and steel).  Very little ends up staying long in the inside trash basket (and generally nothing that holds an odor) since the big dog sleeps right next to the basket.

A tidy camp is a good camp.  We pick up all trash right away so it doesn’t blow around and pick up trash we see on trails and in the park.  It always good to leave a place a little tidier than you found it.


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