Laundry Time

Into every life a little laundry must fall. Though we try to save up laundry for fancy parks that have a laundry room, more times than not, we find ourselves washing out a thing or two, and just moving on.  This little Scrubba bag has a built in washboard and does a surprisingly good job […]

SinkBoard Update

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with our little SinkBoard invention.  We had to add some rubber pyramidal shaped feet to keep it from rocking on the metal sink edge, and that has made all the difference. A really great added bonus of the feet was they keep the tray […]

Simple Slip Covers

Our Bassador sleeps on the front bunk bed and because of its irregular shape, no sheet would stay tidy or in place.  This is how I solved the problem: First, chose a stretchy fabric that coordinates with your look. I chose a dark grey knit. Lay your fabric out flat and place the cushion on […]

Fresh Iced Tea

In every life, there needs to be a little luxury.  One of my favorite indulgences is fresh Blackberry Sage iced tea.  At home, I like to brew it by the big glass in my TeaForte pitcher and mug.  Such a lovely thing to sit with a big mug of ice and a little pitcher of […]

Camping Kitchen Toys

When one travels in a 17 foot camper, they need to be very savvy about the difference between a want and a need. We rarely use a microwave at home.  We don’t watch TV and we are primarily vegetarian so no TV, micro, roasters or big grills are needed– or wanted by us.  This makes […]

More Musings on Missouri Travels

A week goes by so quickly.  I may have to move to monthly camping trip updates if I ever want to post enough of the other fun ideas that are rattling around in my camping starved brain. Last week, we explored the trip west along I-70 starting in Montgomery City Mo and finishing in Arrow […]

Practical Art–Travel Map

The thing about traveling in such a small camper is one needs to be judicious about what they allow into their space.  First it should fill at least one need (preferably at least two) and second it best work harmoniously with the colors,  so that everything flows together and not create visual clutter.  My decorating […]

Missouri’s River Towns

Today’s post is a continuation of a series from my Facebook page (Casita Divas), where I explore the many wonderful places to camp and enjoy in my home State, each Monday. Missouri’s beauty lies in all its little river towns and winding quiet places.  Today’s park is in just such a little hamlet–a place that […]

Home State Braggadoccia–Trips

I have a little FB page called Casita Divas and other Fiberglass Eggs where I post fun things for little campers that I find along the way.  It just makes me happy to share the things that work. I want to encourage everyone to find their way outdoors and just slow down in a place […]

Another New Invention–Sinkboard

My February was lost to a most nasty flu bug that hung on and on.  As I recuperated, I mused about camping in the Egg and what was working and what I could do to make it even more functional.  Everything in a Casita needs to be multi functional, durable and solve at least one […]