Camping Kitchen Toys


When one travels in a 17 foot camper, they need to be very savvy about the difference between a want and a need. We rarely use a microwave at home.  We don’t watch TV and we are primarily vegetarian so no TV, micro, roasters or big grills are needed– or wanted by us.  This makes some of our gear decision making pretty easy.   (Note: I did not say decorating editing was easy.)

Enter the GSI hand crank blender.  Maybe not exactly a need but it was a strong want tied to a strong need for fruit smoothies every morning, and I guess that counts.  This unit is well designed to fit together in a small space–critical for the uniquely shaped bins in a Casita!  It is sturdy and easily clamps onto the picnic table (or the bumper of the camper if the necessity arises).  It is doubly geared for both crushing and blending.  It works surprisingly well.  We have learned that it likes smallish ice cubes and you sort of have to get them dancing in the pitcher before the blades will do their magic but this little hand-cranking unit makes darn fine smoothies!

So, why choose a non-electric blender?  They are, after all, substantially more expensive. Well, the GSI is very compact and sturdily built.  The base and pitcher fit together well to save cabinet space.  Secondly, for use while boondocking (non electric or developed sites).  In keeping with Occam’s Razor–the simplest way is usually the best way.  It’s so easy to operate that there really isn’t a shortcoming compared to the electric one– except you have to expend a few calories cranking.

So, this little essay would be remiss if I didn’t say that the Dole fruit and veggie smoothie packs from the grocery make travel smoothies impossibly easy–especially when you are headed out for a fast, impromptu weekend.  All the work done, no mess and they always taste great.  Hooray for easy camping!

And one more thing…After 20 years of glorious tent camping with a cooler, I will say having a littler fridge and freezer is just a luxurious hoot.  Whenever I pull out the little ice trays, I just smile and think of myself as Mrs. Thurston Howell III.

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