Great Gifts for Egg Travellers

I love to share the great things I find that make Egg travelling more comfortable and efficient.  I particularity love it when these products come from a really nice company. Today’s share is out of Canada.  I just purchased several items from their Gifts catalog and am very happy with them:   Photo credit: […]

More Kitchen Helpers–Drying Rack

Sorting through what works verses what works better (and always editing for storage and weight) we have gone through two different iterations on dish drying aparatus. The first was a roll out rack that fully expanded to cover the sink.  This worked great for dishes washed outside and brought in to air dry overnight and […]

More Kitchen Helpers–Ice trays

One of these days, I’m going to get around to doing a full inventory of what our essential trip gear is.  Until then, I’ll share things, little by little, that help make our camping fun. Today, lets talk ice and storage.  My favorite ice trays for the Casita are small silicone squares.   They fit the […]

Cooking in an Egg

There seems to be no set rule on how I cook in this little space.   Originally, I thought I wouldn’t use the inside kitchen much — lingering odors, confined spaces, etc.–but experience has changed all that. Our latest trip, for example, was a 2+ week survey of Colorado’s mountains and parks.  We picked up […]

Paper Towel Solutions

Along with the space for a trash can dilemma, fits the problem of a paper towel dispenser.  Since cabinet space is much too precious and finding a place for a hanging bracket was a challenge– Not to mention, a bracket requires remembering to secure the roll for transit.  There just isn’t any fun in realizing, […]