Manifesting Luck

Have you ever pondered the beauty of clover?

Have you watched the wind push the tall flowers,

challenging the bees to keep up?

How many times have you wished for a four leaf clover?

Elusive and magical.

Did you know that in Spring, young clover is edible? 

A gift as plentiful as dandelion leaves and purslane.

All beneath your feet in any four-season campsite you visit.

A gift of nutrients to your foraging fortified salad.


Today, after many decades of searching, I changed my inner dialog.  Instead of saying; “I never find four leaf clover”.  I changed my mantra to;  “I find four leaf clover, all the time.”  Immediately, I regretted that choice of words (in a Fukushima kind of way) so I sent the feeling of love out over the field and altered my mantra to “I find healthy four leaf clover”.

I looked down and found my first, ever, four leaf clover.

The universe is good that way.  She has a sense of humor.

So, while you are out walking in the woods, think about the plants around you that are edible and bring a little back, with thanks, to add to your campsite meals.

May the luck of the four leaf clover be in your hearts today and always.



PS:  There are many books on edible plants, by region.  Often, through a county extension office, or if you are lucky enough to have a nearby public garden, you’ll find a class on this subject.  Do your homework before eating any wild plant and you will be greatly rewarded.

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