Tick Off

Oh my, the mild Winter has allowed a flourishing of itsy bitsy seed ticks this Spring.

Traveling with a  Corgi and a Bassador, we are in an unending battle with the tiny terrors.  Even with their monthly flea and tick repellent and some wonderful Cedar Oil spray, we always have our work cut out for us.  The ticks don’t like to attach so much with those repellents in play but they still gather in the dense fur and wait to fall off and find us.

Luckily, the Casita has carpeted walls that must simulate a crawl up plant material. The little buggers will often climb off the dogs and onto the off-white carpet, where they are easily spotted and dealt with.

For those that remain on the dogs, it is a baboon-like, meticulous search.  Big ticks are most easily removed with the Tick Twister (pet stores and Amazon). icktwister

But when you are up against ticks smaller than a pin head, you need to resort to a good headlamp and the trusty Tick Spoon (pet stores and Amazon).  I keep a glass of soapy water out to contain them as I search the fur.  tick

Yes, killing them isn’t the happiest of things but when you find one, you find more and the dogs won’t stay still long enough for tick disposal and return.

These Tick removers are really great for people, too!

Before I leave you with the impression that the woods are impenetrable, I will tell you that into a life a few bugs will crawl.  Find your favorite repellent when trecking through tall weeds and brush (We like Deep Woods Off with Deet for clothing area like boots and socks and a lemon eucalyptus oil for our skin.)

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