New Harmony Indiana

It’s Fall.  The heat of the nineties has finally broken and given way to temperatures twenty degrees cooler.  Ahhh…. Fall and early Winter are my favorite camping and touring seasons.  The fires aren’t wasted in sweltering heat, the crowds are gone, the trees are closing up season while crickets and katydids sing away the last […]

Ideas, hooks and potential

These are the hooks we currently use to hang things on the carpeted walls (just be careful to only hang super lightweight objects on the carpeting –you don’t want the carpet to pull away from the walls):But I’m always looking for new ways to hang lightweight objects on the carpet or fiberglass and I’m perpetually on […]

Protecting the Egg from Theft

Seems like everyday now I see notice of another stolen trailer on Facebook.  Given the high re-sale value of the Egg category and the current super popularity of campers, our Eggs are all more appealing to thieves. What’s to be done??  Well, as one who has had more than her share of home break-ins, car […]

Sam A Baker State Park

Those who read the last post will know that this trip to Patterson MO and Sam A Baker State Park was taken as a short healing journey to get away and to let the ancient igneous Saint Francois Mountains, that rise over the Ozark Plateau, do their magic. We live in Missouri and over the last […]

Why I blog

It has been too long.  I can’t tell you how much your inquiries on my silence have meant to me.  It really touched my heart.  Sometimes, writing a blog can feel like a project in solitude, but you have shown me you are out there and you enjoy the efforts. Thank you. Briefly, I will […]