Why I blog

It has been too long.  I can’t tell you how much your inquiries on my silence have meant to me.  It really touched my heart.  Sometimes, writing a blog can feel like a project in solitude, but you have shown me you are out there and you enjoy the efforts.

Thank you.

Briefly, I will say that, yes, the tumults of life in one’s 50s are upon me.  Last September my Mom passed and a few weeks later my sister suicided. That threw me into a Wally Lamb novel of confusing family secrets finally surfacing for healing.  Tough going, that.  As in so much of my life, there has always been a perfect divine timing and guiding force with teachers that arrive, holding out just the right amount of wisdom, to point me in a direction helping me examine my soul’s place in this giant school in which we all live.  The work I’m undertaking to heal my inner child must be measuring some good because my Dad passed on Labor Day and though some of the other grief surfaced,  I was able to see my own light this time.  Grief is a barbed road that we all walk in one way or another.  It’s a shared condition of humanity so for those of you on this path right now, I stand with you and send you my love.

Now grief wasn’t the only thing holding me back from posting about our travels.  The Hub took me out camping as a healing retreat last weekend (that post will follow).  I was sitting in a pristine Ozark River with the question of why it’s so easy for me to post the helpful hints and create fun things to share but not so easy for me to write up the trips.  After all, I love the trips.  No, I mean we really love them and are rejuvenated by them.  Hmm…

What I came to see was that I had some silly notion that I should be presenting all the facts and look up all history and present some kind of scholarly travel guide.  I was making the posts “work” rather than just staying in the moment and being in the flow.  The pictures can take a while to sort and crop and make presentable so that is one stumbling point, another is the fact that I work on an IPad and have to blog when connected to wifi.  But mostly, I realize I need to go with the feelings and share how nature and traveling to beautiful places can open up new spaces in the heart.  For me it isn’t about the facts and details (though I will still provide some), it’s about being outside and slowing way down, together.  It’s about working as a team and meeting a few new people along the way.  It’s about having fun.

So, I’m pledging to write up the trips (and there have been so many I haven’t gotten to) from a heart-centered focus and not so much from a travel log viewpoint.  We are, after all, here to share the love we feel for each other and the beautiful planet we live on because love is the only thing we can take with us when our time comes to cross the veil.

So, I may still be a little sporadic on my posts till after my busy Fall Art Show season passes, but I won’t let it all stop me from writing.

Note:  I am working on some really fun camper Christmas ornaments.  I am looking for the easiest way to sell online (I have an Etsy acct I’ve never used but I have the feeling there is something else for me)–I’ve only ever sold locally because I can’t paint fast enough to meet the demand,  but I’m wanting to branch out a little and face my online sales fears. Lol



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5 thoughts on “Why I blog

  1. Good for you! Grief is rough and working through how you are supposed to go on after loss is part of our life journey that we all embark on at one time or another. Looking forward to your Christmas ornaments as well. Namaste


  2. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dad along with your mom a year ago. That is a lot to handle in such a short time. I’ve lost both of my parents so I so understand what you are feeling and adjusting to. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    I also understand the blog thoughts as well. We full-timed several years ago and wrote a blog. I get it. You write what you feel about things whether it’s a camping trip or whatever. We’ll enjoy it all!!


    1. Thanks. All three passing in less than a year has been challenging but a real growth experience, too. When I made the post live, I checked the time and it read 11:11 which is always a sign from my angels that I’m on the right path. Smiles.


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