The August 2017 Solar Eclipse

There many wonderful sites out there showing the path of the eclipse.  This is my favorite: Missouri has just opened up their reservation page for the three day minimum reservation of the eclipse dates (8/18-8/21/17).  Normally MO won’t allow reservations for future years (one need wait til Jan 1st).  So, reservations are filling fast. […]

Camping on Rend Lake Il, Gangster Ghosts and George Harrison

There are little towns all across America that boast a claim to fame or historic event that puts them on the map of worthy visits.  Some lucky towns have tireless and generous citizens who work to preserve the history through murals, museums, oddities and public sculptures.  Benton Il is just such a town.  Downtown, the […]

New Harmony Indiana

It’s Fall.  The heat of the nineties has finally broken and given way to temperatures twenty degrees cooler.  Ahhh…. Fall and early Winter are my favorite camping and touring seasons.  The fires aren’t wasted in sweltering heat, the crowds are gone, the trees are closing up season while crickets and katydids sing away the last […]

Finding a campground

Our style of camping might be a bit different than most.  We, generally, look for small out-of-the-way places to camp that are near quirky and historic sites.  Our preference is to find a place where few camp so we can enjoy the forests and the solitude.  Most of our trips are 4 day weekends at […]

Manifesting Luck

Have you ever pondered the beauty of clover? Have you watched the wind push the tall flowers, challenging the bees to keep up? How many times have you wished for a four leaf clover? Elusive and magical. Did you know that in Spring, young clover is edible?  A gift as plentiful as dandelion leaves and […]

Build a Better Gazebo

We enjoy taking the back roads when we can–and when Garmin inexplicably sends us there.  It’s on the smaller roads that you wind through pretty farmland, small towns and unusual sights while traveling the Casita recommended 50-60 mph.  It is nice not to have to watch the fast lane pass you by.  But, I digress. […]

Siloam Springs and Quincy IL Trip

Like so many of our little getaways, this trip needed to be just a couple hours drive so that the weekend wasn’t lost in travel and so that set-up could be in daylight (in our early camping days we would often set-up after dark  priming the evening for upset, don’t you know.) I was looking […]

Illinois Amish Country

Because so many of our trips are short weekend getaways, I keep my eyes open for places not more than a couple hours drive.  Sometimes that means finding a festival in small town and looking for a camping spot and sometimes it means finding a funky tourist spot and then looking for a nest for […]