The August 2017 Solar Eclipse

There many wonderful sites out there showing the path of the eclipse.  This is my favorite:

Missouri has just opened up their reservation page for the three day minimum reservation of the eclipse dates (8/18-8/21/17).  Normally MO won’t allow reservations for future years (one need wait til Jan 1st).  So, reservations are filling fast. (

Checking the Illinois parks on the path, they are already filled.

Both Meramec and Arrow Rock are nice parks for viewing and other fun activities.

Guides for how to view the eclipse are plentiful on the Internet but we prefer holding binoculars out over a piece of paper or flat surface to capture the image in reflection rather than risk hurting our eyes or buying special binoculars (

The big question will be what the weather will do??  Cloud cover or no cloud cover??

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