Finding a campground

Our style of camping might be a bit different than most.  We, generally, look for small out-of-the-way places to camp that are near quirky and historic sites.  Our preference is to find a place where few camp so we can enjoy the forests and the solitude.  Most of our trips are 4 day weekends at this point,  so fun regional explorations are de rigueur.

In the 20 years of tenting and today, the big Road Atlas has always been our friend.  Every dog-eared, water-stained atlas we have ever had has had big compass circles in the region showing two hour and five hour driving distances.  The  Road Atlas is a treasure trove of red and brown writing that open doors to wonderful, inexpensive and creative journeys.

Larger trips can necessitate the dreaded stop over in a rest stop or parking lot or worse–the parking lot roadside RV parks that even the trees frown upon.  Sometimes, expediency necessitates an overnight in paved “paradise” and an often ridiculous outlay of money for almost no services used and the whining drone of giant RV air conditioners a spitting distance from one’s door.

In those cases, one needs a quick locating reference tool.  These are the sites that we have found to be handy. (article/rv-camping-state-parks)

On this list is, which offers insight into many free camp areas with user reviews.  Often we can find a secluded free spot all to ourselves with their site.

The popularity of RVing and vintage campers has led to a shortage of camping spots in the high traffic areas.  We often have to make reservations in peak season now –which does take a lot of the fun spontaneity out of the travel.  Off season though, the camping world is still our favored oyster.


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2 thoughts on “Finding a campground

  1. My Husband and I own a small campground directly on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Fancy Gap VA. We would love to have you come camp with us. Fancy Gap Cabins and Campground.


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