The Perfect Tablecloth

tableclothSince park tables can vary from 6″ to 10′ it’s tough to find a pre-made cloth.

I designed this style and made one each in our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter colors.  Using Sunbrella, you can just wipe off stains easily.  Any stubborn stain will almost always come off with a little soap and water.  I haven’t had to machine wash mine since I made them and they still look (and smell) brand new.

Supplies Needed:

  1. 120″ of Sunbrella or water resistant fabric (54-60″ wide)
  2. 4 ea 40″ pieces of thin nylon rope–knotted on all ends so it won’t unravel

It’s pretty simple.

  • Press under a quarter inch of fabric all the way around.
  • Turn over that pressed edge once again and stitch all the way around your big rectangle.
  • Mark 4 corner spots (for the ropes) that are 16″ up from the narrow seamed edge and 11″ over from the wide seamed sides
  • Sew one each of the 40″ long ropes onto the corner spots you marked above.  Use zig zag or whatever stitch you know will hold the rope over many, many uses and wind.

There you have it.  On the big tables take advantage of the entire length and just tie it around the legs under the table.  You’ll have ample length to wrap the cords and bring them together for a big (easy to remove) bow-tie.  On a shorter picnic table, just fold equal amounts of the draping fabric under the fabric on the table,  and tie from there.

Note:  In the picture, I have overlaid a runner.  Not necessary, but it’s a fun way to add holiday cheer if you happen to be out on a holiday.

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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Tablecloth

  1. What an ingenious way to “tether” your tablecloth! Up until now I’ve been attaching gromments along the edges and stringing rope from side to side under the table. In strong winds the grommets loosened. I like your method much better!

    After doing a search for “Sunbrella” brand fabric on I find that “Solarium” brand and other outdoor fabrics cost much less per yard.


    1. Yes, any waterproof fabric will do. I’ve been really lucky catching 40% off sales on my outdoor fabrics. I have to stay out of fabric stores though because they are dangerous places for the wallet!


  2. Just read your AWESOME article in the Lifestyle section of the great St. Louis Post Dispatch ( 7/31) and I a am hooked on you blog. As former residents (of your town), I’m always interested in any articles about the area where we raised our family, where I worked & we worshipped, where our friends still reside and where we still enjoy dining, shopping and spending time. I’ve read at least 6 of your blogs & signed up. We have been Rv’ers for many year, spend some winters in FL, still need to visit 11 states to make all 50. Enjoy your travels! Kathy & Dave T ♡ 😇 ♡


    1. Thanks for your kind post. We are just back in from a trip to Indiana and no cell service. It still rather surprises me that we go camping in hot weather after avoiding summer camping for all those years in a tent with no air. We love our tiny camper so much! I just need to get some time to write up all the trips we have done since picking it up last year–well over a dozen trips!


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