Great Gifts for Egg Travellers

I love to share the great things I find that make Egg travelling more comfortable and efficient.  I particularity love it when these products come from a really nice company.

Today’s share is out of Canada.  I just purchased several items from their Gifts catalog and am very happy with them:


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The first item is a tray when it’s carried by the handle but it lays out flat for a placemat at the picnic table or for stowing under seat cushion.

The second is a folding shovel that can also be positioned as a sort of rake. Great for turning/smothering a fire, digging out a spinning wheel or a boondocking duty in the woods while trying to extend the black tank shovel.

The Third  is an USB charged hand warmer that can double as power backup for your phone.

And last (we have used one of these for decades in our tent and Egg) a teeny tiny can opener that works really well and is lightweight.

Lots more fun tools and gifts on their website.  Enjoy.  Hope I’ve helped with some of your holiday shopping!


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