More Kitchen Helpers–Ice trays

One of these days, I’m going to get around to doing a full inventory of what our essential trip gear is.  Until then, I’ll share things, little by little, that help make our camping fun.

icetrayToday, lets talk ice and storage.  My favorite ice trays for the Casita are small silicone squares.   They fit the small freezer well and the square size cube seems to hold its mass well in the drink.  Our freezer will churn out ice in about 4-6 hours so I start when we first get set up and break them out into one of the little nesting rectangular storage boxes from Joseph Joseph.  The one with the dark red lid fits nicely.

An added bonus of the color coordinated Joseph Joseph storage boxes is that they nest compactly and it’s obvious when one is missing.

An added bonus;  if I tell The Hub to look for a box of celery say, he won’t be able to find it–even in the little fridge.  I know, the guy is brilliant but find something in the fridge, not so much.  If I can tell him find the yellow box, I will have much more success!  Funny how that works.

I found both the silicone ice cube tray and the big set of nesting Joseph Joseph boxes (there are more in the set than are in this picture) on Amazon.



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4 thoughts on “More Kitchen Helpers–Ice trays

  1. Very cool indeed! Really appreciate seeing all the things you do as we’re only just getting started with all of this. Soon, i hope to be enjoying our Snoozy as much as you are your Casita! Have you found a perfect small dish drying …tray? The little things…it’s all about, the little things! 🙂


  2. Thanks for asking. In our short year, I have gone through two drying solutions because storage space is just so limited. Rather than try to write it up here, I’ll get some pictures and make another post.

    I have so many trips to write up but camping just gets in the way. Lol.

    Fun First!


  3. Celery in yellow boxes? Ziplock bags.

    Wife to SW engineer husband, “I need a gallon of milk. If they have fresh eggs, buy a dozen.” Husband returns with a dozen gallon of milk, per the request.


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