Banner Trips™

While waiting on big projects to dry in my studio today,  I am painting up some of our Banner Trips™ on little fabric flags that will soon decorate our Casita.

What a joy it is to recreate moments of happiness along our journey.

I encourage you to create something special for your Egg, too.  Any time we put love and individuality into our activities,  it comes back to us in so many ways.


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2 thoughts on “Banner Trips™

  1. What a cute idea! I am a neophyte when it comes to crafting ( and no artistic talent), but might try banners with lettering. Can you tell me what fabric and paints work the best for this type project?


    1. Hi Linda. I am a decorative artist by trade so I used canvas and the craft paints I’ve been using on all the wood projects I’ve been painting for the Egg. I add a little fabric medium to the paints as needed when I need a more inky flow. Etsy has a number of banner makers and I think I may have seen some with lettering if you decide to let someone else make it for you, too. Good luck.


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