More Kitchen Helpers–Drying Rack

Sorting through what works verses what works better (and always editing for storage and weight) we have gone through two different iterations on dish drying aparatus.

The first was a roll out rack that fully expanded to cover the sink.  This worked great for dishes washed outside and brought in to air dry overnight and it gave us some useable space over the sink when cooking.  For the times when I needed to wash up inside, it required an extra dish towel be placed under it, while on top of the stove.

The roll-up rack did store nicely in the upper bin (when inserted in last)but it was tediously in the way during non-dish-washing extractions.  It has a bit of weight to it, too.

If counter space wasn’t at such an incredible premium in our model, I would likely have just stopped there.image

But necessity leads to invention and that initial white rack is what inspired my sink tray invention –with the removeable little grey rack that tripled as a hot plate, drying rack and water pass-through.

So, I retired the white roll up rack and simply use the microfiber pad on the stove with overflow to the grey rack on the sink tray.  The microfiber pad is much easier to store in the overhead bin and, as a bonus, cushions our enamelware dishes.

As I will say over and over;  find things that are easy and compact and can serve multiple purposes,  and your tiny space won’t need to be a frustrating one.

Hope that helps.

Note:  Microfiber pads can be found many places from Bed Bath and beyond to Macy’s. The white roll up mat was purchased on Amazon.


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3 thoughts on “More Kitchen Helpers–Drying Rack

  1. Found it!! I thought that somewhere along the way, you’d posted about a drying rack! Voila! Here it is 🙂 This is gonna make things muuuuch simpler!!

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  2. Hi there creative lady!

    Ahhhh gosh, if I’m not too late, I’d love to take you up on your offer about the white roll up mat! How very kind and generous of you! Please email me what the cost is to ship and I’d happily send a check off to you! I lovvve the one you found on Etsy,but it’s not quite in our budget right now. Happy happy day to you!! 🙂


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