Another New Invention–Sinkboard

My February was lost to a most nasty flu bug that hung on and on.  As I recuperated, I mused about camping in the Egg and what was working and what I could do to make it even more functional.  Everything in a Casita needs to be multi functional, durable and solve at least one problem.  Lately, my biggest problem had been cook prep space as I often found myself cooking indoors during winter camping and subfreezing temperatures.

What I had was the OEM factory sink board. That really wasn’t working, because it only fit the smaller area of the sink and left an unusable edge all around–an uneven, unusable edge.  So, I got to thinking about the new roll up sink draining “board” that I had come to love (purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond).  The white rack rolls up for storage but is stiff enough to hold the dishes over the sink while allowing me to still use the faucet for a quick rinse.   And then, serendipity hit, a mail order catalog arrived that had a picture of a smaller version that could stand up to heat and cold.  Even fevered, my mind began to churn on ideas.  And this is what I dreampt:


Now, I knew I wasn’t headed out to my table saw any time soon, so I started looking around for someone who was making what is referred to as a “Noodle Board by the folks on East coast.  I didn’t have to look too far and found the most lovely couple:  Linda and Al Pearson of SnowyCreekDesigns on Etsy.  Two nicer people to work with,  you will never find.

I sent them information on the little grey mat and gave them my dimensions (mine fits a 2015 Casita,  Independence Model) and asked them to provide it unfinished because I am using butcher block oil on it to keep it waterproof.  Al did a very nice job with it and it fits like a charm.  The only adjustment I had to do was to add some rubber feet because it has to sit tall on the sink and little feet are needed around the edge to keep it from tipping a little.

So, what I have now is a much larger and functional counter.  I can access water while the board is in use.  I can put hot pans on the grate while still using the rest of the board and I can carry the whole thing out to the picnic table.  Can you see the smile on my face???!!!

Because of the cost of the little grey rack, this board does get a little pricey but for what it provides, I was well satisfied with the cost.  This is their link.  (Note:  I gave them my design so I don’t make a penny on this.  I just hope that they will sell a few and a few more campers will be as happy as I am.  I can’t remember which mail order catalog sold the wire rack but the Snowy Creek folks on Etsy will know.)

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4 thoughts on “Another New Invention–Sinkboard

  1. Love this mod! I am hoping to order one from SnowyCreekDesigns once my Liberty Deluxe is available to double check measurements.
    Very cool!


  2. Looks ripe with possibilities…i can’t wait to see if it’d work for the Snoozy, which has a verrrry teeny sink space. Thanks for the Etsy link too!!


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