The long delay

Well gosh, it’s been a while since my last post.  Seems like everything and the kitchen sink have been thrown at me since my last post.  In mid January I was T-boned by a man who appeared to be heck-bent on doing himself in — using me and my van to do it.  Wow!  I’m still working out the physical kinks but we do have a new tow vehicle.  Not having gone through a major crash before, I learned that being a victim of a car crash is the gift that keeps on giving.  There are just so many hoops to jump through to get back to normal.

Let me just say I loved my Odyssey van.  With 3500lbs of towing capacity it pulled our 2300lb (dry weight) Casita with no problems through the rolling hills of the South and Midwest.  Had it not been totaled, I would be driving it still–and just praying someone would make a more powerful towing minivan when the time came.   Well, magical thinking being what it is and a Rockies trip looming on the event horizon, we decided to let this be an opportunity to try something new.  My Hub is a researcher and he had already been reading up on the small SUVs with greater towing capacity and still enough cargo room for my decorative painting biz.  His research quickly narrowed to the Chevy Traverse.

There was just one hitch, the Traverse is rumored to be scheduled for a big re-do that will give us much more of what we want in 2017 (lighter-better mileage, more cargo space, etc).  So, this put us in a frantic search for a used Gap-Car-Traverse with AWD and the towing package.  We found one–without the towing so that began a whole other process which was filled with pitfalls at Uhaul.  Did I mention we were under Mercury Retrograde at the time???  Well, all things eventually worked out and we are now driving a 2011 Traverse with 5000lbs of towing and a big transmission cooler.


As you can see, I added a little decorative detail–Odin’s Ravens.  I did this in an attempt to help me not miss all the wonderful creature features of my Honda van.  It only worked a little because anyone who had driven an Odyssey will tell you, they really thought through the storage areas and convenience items.  Chevy–not so much.

Odin’s ravens were named Huginn and Muninn (Memory and Mind).  They were a pair of ravens charged with flying all over the world to check in on all the daily events in the human world and report back to Odin (the Norse god).

So, a new day has dawned in our tow vehicle.  It’s gotten it’s little Casita Diva touch and we are now back on the road camping and looking forward to returning to our own search of the world.  Let the Zen traveling and blogging recommence…


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2 thoughts on “The long delay

  1. So very relieved to know you weren’t hurt in the accident Fabergegg! Sounds like your new vehicle though, is the silver lining in this~unexpected episode!!


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