Romancing the Egg

spakit1I can’t speak for all, but I will say these Eggs do seem to be an aphrodisiac all on their own.  Maybe it’s the close quarters, maybe the 8″ of soft foam mattress, maybe the long days of walks in the woods while holding hands, maybe it’s the team effort to cook a savory meal and wash up the dishes together, maybe it’s the stories told by the fire.  Whatever it is, there is a saying (not mine, but a saying…) “If the trailer is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin…”

So, as Valentine’s approaches, I look for fun and frugal ways to add a little spice to our 25 years together.  This year, I made an Egg friendly Valentine’s Spa-kit.  On a recent trip to a family cottage in Door County WI, we picked up some beach rocks.  I scrubbed them clean and made a pillow sham to hold the kit:  a flannel top sheet protector,  coconut oil, fresh towels, the rocks and some long necked kitchen tongs (to pull the heated rocks out of the pot of hot water).  If you have never had a massage with warmed rocks placed on the freshly worked muscles, well, there is still time.

Note:  Pillowcase organizing is a great way to keep everything together and not waste precious cabinet space.  It also makes for great organizing on the dedicated garage shelves where all seasonal and trip specific gear lives.

So, how to make the little pillow case:


I found a yard of red burlap on a remnant table for $4 and off I went.  First, decide how big you need your kit/pillow to be.  I went with 18″ square (finished) so I cut a long 38″ x 19″ rectangle (to give me a half inch seam allowances).  I folded over an inch on the narrow edges and sewed respective Velcro tape on front and back sides of what will be the opening.  Then, making sure to match the ends with the Velcro on the outside, I ran up two side seams (the bottom is just a fold–no seam).

To do the ribbon outline of the Casita, I used a large-eyed needle and threaded it with some leftover narrow grosgrain ribbon and wove a simple stitch around a paper pattern–picking up just a couple threads of the burlap to sew under as I went.  Be sure to leave enough ribbon at the start point (propane tank area) so you can finish off with a sweet little bow.

Note:  It helps to put a piece of cardboard inside the pillow so you don’t snag the bottom side of the pillow with your needle.  Using a white or contrasting yarn would also work and might be easier to pull through the burlap.

As a bonus, I had enough burlap to make a table runner for the picnic table.  I simply sewed under the two ends and painted a Casita scene on each end using craft paint diluted with fabric paint medium (per the instructions on the bottle).

Note:  Be sure to put a couple paper towels below the burlap before painting so you won’t get bleed through onto your worktable.


I really like using runners on the picnic table in winter (instead of a full tablecloth) because one never knows when it might snow.  It’s a lot easier to to use the runner as a mini tablecloth and take it up in case of weather.

Now, I know we will use that mini fondue pot for chocolate covered strawberries.  I just need to work out the greater menu…

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3 thoughts on “Romancing the Egg

  1. “Sew” sweet! I love it all, including the personalized painted mug. I see what your Hub means when he says you paint everything! We had our first hot stone massage in Zimbabwe, Africa last month (1 hour for $30). It was heaven and definitely worth repeating at home!


  2. LOVE it!!! Your talents are ~amazing!! Ever thought of starting your own line of online available artwork like these items, for other egg owners?! 🙂 jus sayin….


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