Crafting Casitas

Traveling small does not mean plain.

It might mean flat.

So, if you have an old shirt box or lightweight cardboard and some holiday tissue paper, you have a decoration.  In my case, I didn’t have the box so I just used some handy poster board.




Scissors/Craft Knife


Poster Board

Clear Contact Paper or Laminating Sheets

Tissue Paper (3 colors)/ 8″ Scrap Ribbon



Black Marker (For Tire)

Now, just draw out your Shape/Casita.   (Make sure you are not exceeding the size of your contact paper/laminate sheet or you will have to seam two pieces together.)  Cut two identical pieces.  One will be the front  and one will be the back–so make sure you cut with nicest sides out, in the orientation you want.  Make two, identical wheel shapes and color in “tire” with a black marker.  Place the “tire’ on the frame of the Casita shape as shown.  (You can tape it on the backside to make it easier to lay down on the contact paper later.)

Cut an assortment of your tissue papers in random sized pieces.

Carefully and smoothly lay one Casita cardboard piece onto the contact paper  with the best side down on the adhesive sheet.    (This side will show on the outside and it must be the orientation you want the final piece to be in.)

Now start layering on the tiles of tissue paper in random ways.  Don’t let the edges overlap too much.  If you are using a white poster board, you need to be especially careful not to overlap the edge as it will show through in sunlight.  The craft knife is handy to cut away offending overlap.)

Once you have it the way you like, carefully put the top Casita shape over your piece, make a wheel shape and place it directly over the bottom wheel as shown, and then smoothly lay down the top piece of contact paper.  Cut away any extra contact paper so you are left with a clean Casita shape. Now just tape a piece of ribbon or yarn to the back and secure it with a clear piece of tape or white duct tape.

Easy Peasy “stained glass” sun-catcher and it’s flat storage for next year’s Valentine’s adventure.


 ©2015,2016 All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Crafting Casitas

  1. Beauuutiful!! Makes me happy just to look at it! It’d be a gorgeous stained glass sun catcher!! 🙂 You’re so so so ~creative!!!


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