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I have a little FB page called Casita Divas and other Fiberglass Eggs where I post fun things for little campers that I find along the way.  It just makes me happy to share the things that work. I want to encourage everyone to find their way outdoors and just slow down in a place where mother nature can work her magic.

One of the things I am encouraging on Facebook.com/casitadivas/ is a post on Monday mornings where folks post about the wonderful camping spots they have found in their home states.  Anyone who is paying attention to the costs in the supermarket and the strange long low in the price of gasoline knows that prices are going up.  Pulling a trailer may not always be as cost friendly as it is right now–even in the lightweight little Eggs.

To quote a favorite saying of mine:  “The Foolish Man Seeks Happiness in the Distance, The Wise Man Grows it at his Feet.” — Oppenheimer

So, without further ado, I will share last Monday’s post:

I’m from Missouri–a transplant of about 20 years ago. To be honest, when I moved here, I didn’t have much hope for it matching up to Michigan’s beauty– but I was wrong. There are so many interesting places to camp and hike here, it’s hard to pick one to write about.

So, I’ll start with the most recent: Hawn State Park near Sainte Genevieve, MO.

First, St.Gen is a sweet old river town with shops, beautifully restored historic homes to tour (1700s French vertical post and beam construction), restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts, a winery–and my favorite lunch spot: Stella & Me (she owns two campers–a big and a small.)

The campground itself, is small with lots of trees, new shower house/ restrooms and very clean vault toilets with filled Purel dispensers.

Lovely trails take you along a beautiful stream with rushing water and meditative rest spots.  The piece de resistance, though, are the nearby trails: Hickory Canyon and Pickle Springs.
They are only a couple miles each but go through beautiful land. Best taken in early Spring, Pickle Creek is a verdant stream alive with flowing mosses. The cliffs unfurl in amazing fern fronds and hawks are always catching thermals overhead.  This land speaks, so much, to the beauty of the lower Ozarks with its box canyons, rock formations and rolling wonder.



We were last there over Easter.  We took a non-electric site for $12 (as it was a cold Easter and we didn’t think we would need reservations).  As with all things in our lives, this was serendipitous.  It was such a casual and friendly group.  People were out walking and sharing about the their lives. The kids were incredibly precocious and funny. No one was uptight about the dogs being allowed off-leash (to play) as long as they were monitored.  And the happiest thing was watching the young Moms all come out of their tents with rabbit ears on (as if they had planned it together) to hide Easter baskets.  What a fun group and a beautiful weekend–even if our battery turned up dead by surprise.  Ah, that is a story for another post.

So, join us on https://www.facebook.com/casitadivas/ and post your own favorite parks in your beautiful home state.  Let’s connect the tribe through the love we all feel for home.

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