Simple Slip Covers

Our Bassador sleeps on the front bunk bed and because of its irregular shape, no sheet would stay tidy or in place.  This is how I solved the problem:slipcover

First, chose a stretchy fabric that coordinates with your look. I chose a dark grey knit.

Lay your fabric out flat and place the cushion on top of it allowing a 9 inch gap between the edge of the fabric and the cushion.

With a ruler and a marker, make tick marks on the back side of the fabric 9 inches out from the edge of the cushion.  You will go back and connect the dots with the marker and this will make your cutting outline.  You do not need to be perfect because the stretch fabric is very forgiving.

Now, you can turn over a 1/2 inch binding edge if you want ( I didn’t) — with the bottom side facing up (and I would for any  kind of fabric that would ravel).  I skipped it and went straight to making the channel for the elastic.

Turn over 1 1/2 inches of fabric at the edges and pin — all the way around.  (This will be reverse sides together to make this channel.)   Beginning at the middle of the back edge (the edge that will be against the wall), begin to sew the elastic pocket.  You are sewing about 1/4 inch up from the raw edge you just turned down,  so there will be a  1 1/4 inch channel to slide in the elastic.

Sew all the way around to where you started and leave an opening of about two inches.

Take a safety pin and weave it through an end of a long piece of 1/2 inch wide elastic–don’t just pin it to the elastic —  weave it a little so it wont break as you are pulling it through the channel.  Now, using the safety pin as your guide, gently push the pin through the channel you made, and the tape will follow.  When you get to the where you began inserting, start to look at how long long you want your elastic to be.  You have, in effect, made a shower cap.  You want to be able to easily get the cushion into your “shower cap” but have it be snug enough so it wont fall off and so it will pull the fabric snugly and take up wrinkles.  You can take your safety pin and weave it through the other end and test the length before cutting if you like.  Once you have the right elasticity/length, sew the elastic ends together in a box stitch for strength and close up the seam edge.

Lastly, take your permanent marker and make a mark where you have closed up the seam.  This will help you to center your stretchy cover when you are putting it on the cushion.

Stretch the new slipcover over your cushion and sit back and marvel at the wonders of stretchy fabric!


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4 thoughts on “Simple Slip Covers

  1. Hi…I’ve purchased my River Rockwood Mini Lite, and preparing to be on the road in about three weeks. I have a queen size murphy bed, and wonder if you think your slip cover idea would work on it. Assume I would probably have to seam it down the middle, but love that nice fitted look.
    Really enjoying reading your blog. And appreciate your sharing such great ideas! I’m new to RVing, am 75, and traveling solo full time, so sure I’ll be checking in often. Thanks for your input on the slip cover.


    1. I think it would work. Try putting a full width of fabric in the center and two equal widths of fabric sewn on to each side to give you the full width of fabric you need. It will give you a cleaner look and you won’t be sleeping on a seam.

      Enjoy your travels! Thanks for following.


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