Laundry Time

Into every life a little laundry must fall.

Though we try to save up laundry for fancy parks that have a laundry room, more times than not, we find ourselves washing out a thing or two, and just moving on.  This little Scrubba bag has a built in washboard and does a surprisingly good job at getting out stains.  It folds up very small and there is a soap that comes in sheets, impossible to spill. We have been known to use some of our biodegradable dish soap or shampoo in a pinch, too.scrubba

And as to a laundry line.  We have carried this elastic twisted line with us to more Continents, States and Countries than I can remember and it always serves well.  Never more so than in the Casita where having a compact item with multi purposes (strapping down an errant tablecloth, holding back a door and in a pinch a dog leash, etc.), that functions completely by itself  (clothespins unnecessary) is a blessing of space and use .


The other asset of a line like this is it is always in the Casita, ready to hang a wet swim suit or towel– and no cursing needs be held back,  because I forgot to pack the clothes pins.

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