The Essential Dog Camping Kit

dogkkitWe travel with a 22lb Corgi and a 52lb Bassador.  They light up our camping travels and bring us so much joy.  They need their own gear, too.  This is what we consider essential.

  1. A cable or soft flat long lead to string between two trees or poles onto which you can thread a long retractable leash (Inexpensive cable and 15′ retractable leash available at Harbor Freight).  We use the soft flat lead on Forest trees so we don’t harm them.
  2. Cedarcide ( Flea and Tick Spray,  Tick Spoon and Tick Twister
  3. Collapsible Food Bowls
  4. “Spill Proof” water bowl
  5. Micro Fiber Dog Towels  (We found the two grey ones with the dog print embroidery on Amazon and they are thick and work terrifically.)
  6. A Lot of plastic grocery poop bags–I made the little fabric tube with elastic top and bottom to hold them for hanging by the door on a suction cup hook.
  7. A place to put the walking leashes–right by the door for quick grab and go.
  8. A little Elastic Medical Wrap for a twisted paw and the normal first aid kit.
  9. I’m not sure what you call this kind of tarp but its got a blue woven material on one side and a silver tarp like material on the back.  I call it a picnic tarp. (Home Depot sells them).  This is essential for covering the bed on wet dog days.  I need to run out and get a second one and sew it onto the one in the picture so it more fully covers the entire bed.
  10. Extra food because you don’t want to have to switch brands and risk upset stomachs on the road.  And treats, of course, lots of treats!
  11. And, last but not least, their own chairs–covered in faux fur for winter trips.  😉Imdogchair

Note:  An updated vaccination list may come in handy should the dogs need emergency medical care or kenneling.  And you’ll be required to have it should you cross the country’s border.


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