Minnie Me–Crafting Casitas

Remember when you were little and making things was just for fun??  You didn’t worry about how it might turn out or if it was good enough–well, that is if you didn’t have a set of critical older siblings watching over your shoulder, lol.

That sense of abandonment and creativity waits for us to remember it’s healing potential.  It waits for us to find something and see a hidden beauty in it and then do something to put our own personal stamp on it.

With all the craziness going on in the news today, I find myself needing more and more time to make things and connect with inspiration.  It’s funny where inspiration might crop up, too–like, say, a Miles Kimball catalog??


I found this little $19 light up camper looking like it belonged on the island of misfit toys;  for the funny set of double wheels it sported.  Undaunted, out came my safety glasses and trusty tin snips.  A nip and a tuck later, off came the front wheels.  Then, I taped off the little LED lights and sanded lightly and primed it with spray KILZ primer.  Once that dried, I sprayed it with a gloss white enamel paint and the canvas was ready.

There were existing grooves in the metal so I worked with them rather than try to get a more exact replica of our camper.  But, I think you might agree, it came out rather well and it’s sure to bring a smile to other campers in the park.image

As a bonus, it makes  an adorable accent light.  Coming or going!image



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3 thoughts on “Minnie Me–Crafting Casitas

    1. At the time I did it we were camping 2-3 times a month, working full time and I was strolling through all these projects so fast, I didn’t save either decal maker’s name. Since then, we are in process of selling our 20 year farmhouse and restoring a mountain property so all that paperwork has long been recycled for the move. They were both Internet companies but I know many folks work with local sign makers to get theirs done.


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