Minnie Me–Crafting Casitas

Remember when you were little and making things was just for fun??  You didn’t worry about how it might turn out or if it was good enough–well, that is if you didn’t have a set of critical older siblings watching over your shoulder, lol. That sense of abandonment and creativity waits for us to remember […]

Cooking in an Egg

There seems to be no set rule on how I cook in this little space.   Originally, I thought I wouldn’t use the inside kitchen much — lingering odors, confined spaces, etc.–but experience has changed all that. Our latest trip, for example, was a 2+ week survey of Colorado’s mountains and parks.  We picked up […]

Beware the Alpine Mosquito Hours

For the most part, our 20 years of camping haven’t required an extra screen tent.  As we headed up to Colorado’s 10,000 foot heights, however, we thought back to the incredible hoards of blood sucking mosquitos we found while backpacking on Mt. Margaret in Denali NP. Wanting to keep the mosquitos at bay, while not […]

Happy Fourth of July!

It’s been a crazy few weeks with very little Internet connection but lots of connection to nature. Travelling in our little Egg (and just travelling domestically in general) always fills us with a vast well of gratitude for the beauty and richness of this land and her people.  We have so much to cherish in […]