Happy Fourth of July!

It’s been a crazy few weeks with very little Internet connection but lots of connection to nature.

Travelling in our little Egg (and just travelling domestically in general) always fills us with a vast well of gratitude for the beauty and richness of this land and her people.  We have so much to cherish in the United States and every time the Fourth of July rolls around, I think of all that the pilgrims, pioneers and natives went through to settle this land.  I think of the dreams for peace and prosperity and freedom from over-reaching governments and caste systems and taxation that kept people from achieving their highest potentials.

On this day, I like to step away from the hubbub and send up a prayer that we (all Americans)  recognize what our human rights truly are, that we see our government for what it truly is and that we might fully feel the need to live more in harmony with each other and our planet.  Seeing the vastness of the plains and the majesty of the mountains can bring this all home.  This is why I love camping in high meadows and on raging streams and in amongst he ruins of the ancients.

I have so many stories to write up but for now I wish you all dreams filled with purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain.

Blessings for a wonderful Fourth of July.


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