Perfecting the Camp Chair

Thanks to Aldi grocery and $12.99, my zen camping chair now has the perfect shade cover.  It’s a lightweight and very compact 6′ beach umbrella!  I use my favorite twisty bendable flex-ties to affix it to the chair (see my post on sticks and lights for a picture of those flex-ties).  Nirvana!


For those that are asking about my slip cover,  the little pillow is just a rectangle made the circumference of the pillow with a Velcro strip along the back horizontal edge.

The chair cover is a rectangle that extends about 18″ from top and bottom.  You’ll wrap that extra 18″ over the top and under the chair seat and attach ribbons to tie the little “slip cover”in place.  I just turned the edges over a quarter inch and then again and stitched it down.  Taking it out to the chair I looked at where it made sense to sew on the green gros grain ribbons through the existing webbing holes and around the tubing.  I pinned the ribbons in place and double stitched them down.  Easy peasy.

The last thing you need to do is mark the top end on the back side with the word “Top”once you are finished–otherwise it can be confusing which end is up when you go to tie it on.

Time for a little iced tea in my new styling shade!

You can find the original story of this chair here:


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2 thoughts on “Perfecting the Camp Chair

  1. The universe is conspiring to make me happy, Nancy! I was just thinking about how I could find a lightweight umbrella for portable shade, and there it was–IN MY COLORS–at the grocery.
    I bow down before the gods of serendipity with gratitude in my heart. 🙂


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