Waterproof Camera Bag

A quick product testimonial here on a waterproof camera bag.

We went to our favorite lake this past weekend and played with our dogs in the water.  I wanted to bring a camera but none of ours are waterproof.  My Hub suggested we use my sister’s old IPhone –since we bring it for audiobooks anyway.  Given that it’s the only thing I have of hers, I was reticent to risk it in the water.  I found this $10 Lewis and Clark case and didn’t expect a lot, picture wise,  but it did meet my goal for giving things several purposes in the Egg and it looks to be well designed for water protection.

The pictures were bright and clear and the lanyard fit securely around my neck so I didn’t worry about it while I swam and frolicked with the dogs.   I give this product a strong thumbs up!  Hope it solves a problem for you, too.



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