Christmas Campers

Well, this crazy year has been so up and down with trips out west to try and get the new house up and running, interspersed with wildfires and all manner of crazy events. We barely had time to get any camping trips in but a few did dot our year’s landscape.

It seems we will enjoy one more year with our little borrowed Christmas tree and all the little white camper magic I can muster… to continue the happy theme.

To start, I purchased a $4 camper sign at the Dollar Store last summer. Right away, I sanded it down, primed it and painted it white. Then it sat for a while and a while longer as I travelled back and forth across the country. A couple weeks ago, I cleared a painting space and began to pretty it up. She seems happier as another mini me of our camper done up prettily in a grapevine wreath.

Next on my list of projects was the repainting of an $8 dollar sign from The Old Time Pottery Store to be a white camper and then repainting the Pier One light up car and Egg ($25).

Now this little ceramic set was a little above my temporary decorating budget (at $25) but the car looks a lot like our car and this set will move on to the west with us!

Moving on in the light up category, I found this $17 light up at Old Time Pottery. Alas, I did not take a before shot. Probably because it was so ugly. It had tin can ridges all over it and looked dingy with a brown antiquing glaze on it. I sanded it down, and used wood putty to flatten out all the ridges and repainted it in happy Egg white! It turned into one of my favorites though because the lights on top blink and are quite bright and cheerful.

And then, I had a large cache of little green plastic ornaments I scored for about 0.75 cents each at Michaels last February. I scrubbed off some of the glitter, and repainted them to make the appropriate door location and of course to improve them into Eggs.

Now let’s see, does that catch me up?? Ahhh no, my favorite mini me yet was an $18 Big Lots tin transformation.

Just a quick removal of the tree, some sanding and then a spray of white topped with customization of our rabbit decal on our camper. I popped in a set of LED lights and this larger light up just makes me smile.

Next on my list is a set of original paintings similar to my Banner Trips™️ banners that I will paint on wood to make ornaments. I’m really looking forward to painting these little scenes next week.

Stay tuned. As always if you like what you see, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the little blue “follow” box pop up. And share this blog with any you think it might amuse.


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6 thoughts on “Christmas Campers

  1. I love all of you Christmas egg creations! Can’t wait to get out the sweet ornament I won last year. Have a blessed Christmas!


    1. I feel like my house is always in process. The locals call it valley time. Lol. The Guy Upstairs must really want me to learn patience. The floors were supposed to take 3 weeks. They started in Early June. They still aren’t finished. Thus, we are enjoying another Christmas in Saint Louis. We have been taking our best friend (and landlord) around with us on The Leaving Saint Louis Tour—extended. He has lived here his entire life and not seen all the wonderful places that we have loved while living here these last 25 years. I will miss this city but I am eager to be up on the mountain creating new things and a new life.

      Thanks for following the blog. May the holidays bring you wondrous joy.


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