Stepping up

As much to help our short legged long-bodied dogs as us, we use a stable aluminum platform step with adjustable legs to make it easier to access the Egg.  We like it because each leg can be adjusted if we are in unlevel sites.  That isn’t to say, there is always enough adjustment room, however.  We have been known to insert an extra rock or piece of wood to make it stable in some crazy uneven, washed out sites.

It isn’t always perfect in difficult sites but it really works for the dogs.  We did have to wrap the slatted top with carpet before they would use it, though.

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4 thoughts on “Stepping up

  1. Yes of course, we have to take care of the little guys. We have the same thing but have to cover the step because they won’t use it because of the slats.


    1. We put the carpet on first thing because our old beagle wouldn’t even try it. It’s held up well. Plus, it makes for a pad when it’s upside down inside for travel.


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