imageLiving in the Midwest, most of our travels include forests and trees.  Campgrounds provided plenty of shade and we rarely found ourselves needing an awning.  Most of our sun hours are spent walking in the woods or touring historic sites.

There are occasions when a light rain storm is blowing and it is nice not to be couped up in the Egg.  That’s when we pull out our 12′ Kelty Noah tarp, Kelty poles and three nylon lines.  One line snugs between the back tire and the fiberglass.  One goes over the top and ties off around the back tire and the other ties off around the front hitch frame.

We prefer the Kelty tarp because we can use it all around the site.  Sometimes it’s nice to have shade over the picnic table and sometimes it’s nice to put up as a privacy screen and sometimes it’s nice to attach to the car.   Mostly, it’s lightweight and it holds up to wind and rain well.

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4 thoughts on “Awning

  1. How is the tarp attached to your camper? How does it do in wind/rain? Any advice for someone trying this out? Looking to do something similar this summer.


    1. I don’t have much to add to what I wrote on the three lines we used to tie it off. We do use it in light rainstorms as I mentioned and it allows us to be outside without getting soaked–some rain blows in but it’s to be expected. We don’t put it up in anything bigger than a garden variety rain shower. Good luck with your camping adventures.


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