Words to Heed

It’s in the early mornings before my family awakens that I spend a little time talking to The Center of the Universe, Source, God, Abba,  Buddha–or Love (because all those words boil down to God for me).  Sometimes, right before periods of big change in my life, the Universe will answer me back.  Generally, that means a dream, sometimes I get a little movie clip showing me what is in the offing and then there are the short phrases.  Just the other day, I was startled out of sleep to hear a man’s voice saying; “The power grid is going off!”  “Power Outage!” “Power Outage!”  When I get a message in threes, I know it means to pay attention and expect it to come about before too long.

So when one hears this kind of thing, after checking to make sure you haven’t gone crazy overnight, the little wheels begin to turn.  My first thought was: Thank God the Casita came into our lives when it did.  The Casita got us moving on setting up solar, getting a small generator, getting extra batteries as well as dealing with water, cooking and heat when standard systems aren’t present.  As long time tent campers, we already had a lot of the basics down but we hadn’t forayed into DC fans, converters and electric generation and storage.

Now, our Midwestern town has had its share of tornados, ice storms and straight line winds so we have gone without power for a week or up to 14 days in both boiling heat and freezing Winter,  so we know what needs doing to keep the ice chest cold and the pipes from freezing.  But what if this warning is for a longer period of time?  What would that do the grocery stores and the people who hadn’t ever really thought about it or who heat with electric?  Who really does prepare for these kinds of things except the TV personality Cammo wearing prepper dudes?

So, as I was pondering all of this, I began to see, again, how mysterious this world is and how there does always seem to be a softly guiding hand in the back of our lives–nudging us toward the things, animals and people that will help us find joy, safety and comfort.   The trick of it all seems to be to live each day fully, not taking on debts and worries but learning and experiencing as much wonder as you can.  To keep play and the childlike awe within us alive.  In our case, at least, it looks like the play we enjoy with camping will also be a saving grace if the words I was given prove true.

So, my dear readers, I give you the words “Power Outage”, just as they were given to me this week, so that you might listen to your own heart and see if you need to take them seriously.  It isn’t about worry or spending a lot of money.  It’s about trusting yourself, getting some knowledge and basic tools and supplies together so we can help ourselves and our neighbors while still seeing the beauty everywhere around us.

We have to be our own lights in times of darkness.  We have to keep absorbing all the rays of sunshine and beauty around us while sending those rays back out to others who might not know how to walk outside of fear.  It’s all good.  We aren’t in it alone.

We have each other.



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