Maintaining the shine

Our Egg will be 17 months old in about two weeks.  She has been on 20 trips.  That means 20 scrubbings to get the splattered bugs off.  The deal with The Hub is I do the trip washes if he does the waxing.  So, today, we finally had a 75 degree cloudy day–perfect weather for waxing!  3 hours later, she shines like new (and the Hub is getting a neck massage!)image

I have long been a fan of Meguliars products (oh how I used to make my little white MGB shine with it!)  It’s easy to apply and pretty forgiving, so we continue with Meguliars (marine wax) on the Egg.image

One of our trips was on loose gravel and dirt roads in Colorado and the front hitch, sway bar rod and stair bracket took a lot of pummeling and had started to rust.  We put a rust inhibitor on the rusted places–three coats, letting it dry fully between applications as per the Internet instructions–and then top coated with an alkyd based satin black paint. Rust Mort is a mild acid so it eats away the rust leaving a coating. It all looks really great.  She is now ready for another round of Fall and Winter camping trips!

Just a little tire shine on those two little wheels and we look ship shape and Bristol fashion!

Note:  since this is our first waxing, I was a little uncertain how the decal would hold up but there was no problem at all.


Hope this helps.  As always, feel free to “Follow” the blog for updates and share, share, share.  Thank you.


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