Shopping for camper things locally and an Update on Corgi Magic

I ran over to a quaint shopping area nearby to pick up a little 1.50 bottlebrush tree for the blog project, some local dog treat confections and some of my all time favorite lipgloss (chocolate carmel drizzle from Bathworks out of Hot Springs Ark).

If you ever come camping in the greater Saint Louis Area, make sure to check out Main Street in Saint Charles MO.

I took the Bassador to the dog treat store and when we walked out, a little girl kept pointing at my dog and calling him by our Corgi’s name.  The Mom kept trying to correct the little girl and get her to say the word; “Doggie.” 

Well, that sweet child knew what I know, the Corgi may have died but she wasn’t going to miss out on her favorite shop!  Love never dies.

Wandering further, I found a cute local Screenprinting shop called Happy Camper Clothing. Though, I’m not supposed to be spending right now, this super soft sweatshirt was too much to resist.  I mean it looks like Colorado with penguins on top.  They do have an Etsy, if you love it as much as I do.

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