The Sixth Day of Casita Christmas Campers–on a $10 budget

I’m working on these ornaments as I post them.  That means that inspiration needs to come on an as needed and on time basis.  What I find is that trusting that inspiration will come is part of the magic.  It’s about allowing and putting the energy of success out there.  It’s about keeping one’s eyes open and listening to the creative muse.  The thing that stops people is self definition.  A creative person claims the title and it’s a self fulfilling thing.  So, be careful how you speak of yourself–you might just believe it.

Today’s ornament inspiration was found on my dog walk.  I was looking for a Burr Oak acorn but to no avail–and then I saw this piece of aged bark and it reminded me of driftwood.  The piece spoke to me and seemed to ask for one last hurrah.

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5 thoughts on “The Sixth Day of Casita Christmas Campers–on a $10 budget

  1. I am new to your blog. We lived in Ferguson for over 30 years and have several of your pieces.
    Beautiful work. I just love this bark ornament!
    Enjoy the new chapter of your life!!


    1. Thanks! I wondered if I was creating a pain for myself–adding this in to holiday crazy–but its been quite the opposite. Has me wondering how I could put together a tree for charity or even a friendly RV park next year.


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