The Eighth Day of Christmas Campers–all on $10 

Today I was focusing on what Christmas means to me.  My Hub is many wonderful things,  but not a gift giver.  My family has dwindled so there are very few, if any, gifts under the tree anymore. I am crazy about  Christmas though.  I love seeing the enthusiasm people have for lights in their yards, for volunteering to open up the historic buildings, dress in period costumes and portray Christmas of yesteryear, for the carollers and the community musicians who play concerts for the love of making music together. In short, I love the extra love.  I love how during the holidays people aren’t afraid to show their hearts.  Most of all,  love the feeling of Joy and Wonder that comes out in people.

I’m reminded that Joy and Wonder are really powerful forces. Have you noticed that when you wonder if you can do something an opportunity often arises for you to try???  Further, that if you Wonder, attaching Fear, it’s not an easy opportunity but if you Wonder in Joy, it’s almost always a fun experience???

That’s how this blog series has been.  I started to Wonder how I could create a Joy-filled Christmas without spending money on a temporary situation–and if I could do something to encourage others to smile.  It’s now growing to ideas on how to encourage others to turn trash into decorations and maybe do some kind of charity around this next year.

So this ornament is a celebration of the Joy we find in our Casita and in Christmas!
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