The Third Day of Christmas Campers

This little glass cloche and the little trees were brought from our old home (in case there weren’t any decorations here at all).  I had a big collection of all kinds of miniature trees that used to decorate the dining room table and Christmas mantle.  I sorted many for give-away when we sold the house but saved these for one last Christmas with us. 

The glass camper ornament was a gift given to me a couple days ago.  It came from JoAnn’s and was on a 60% sale.

I fear this little ensemble will not be given away as planned when we make the final move to CO in a couple months, after all.  It may have to live as my Casita shelf decoration when we camp at Christmas!

Though it’s not strictly a tree decoration, it does reside next to the tree on a tree stump table so it’s counting on this Third Day of Christmas. 

Now that the weekend is coming to a close, I’ll be up in my new makeshift studio painting a new ornament for Monday.

I hope you all are out sampling the generosity of all the historic Christmas activities put on by volunteers in your neck of the woods.  The Saint Louis area is so rich with reinactments and historic home tours that it makes me wish the season was longer–at least this one last Christmas.
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3 thoughts on “The Third Day of Christmas Campers

    1. Thanks, Me, too. I put a little pressure on myself trying to make each during the 12 days but it’s fun.

      A man I once worked with once said to me; “Only with change does there come growth.” Moving is a big catalyst for growth and it feels right (if not a bit daunting.)


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