Holiday Losses

I was going to share this when I wrote up our Casita Thanksgiving trip and meal but I’m getting the nudge to just put it out there now–hopefully the person(s) who need to see it, will.

This year, so many of my friends are suffering the losses of people and pets and homes (due to catastrophic weather).  There are a lot of blues going around.

We are still sorely missing our beloved Corgi.  That funny little dog always slept between us on the king sized bed in the Casita –relegating us to the far walls.  She snored, her tiny legs kicked us and she hogged the covers.  She was perfect.  

Heading out for Thanksgiving, I sent up a little prayer that she would be with us on this first outing without her.  I asked her to give us sign–something that even my Hub (a staunch disbeliever in signs) couldn’t deny.  Well, three hours into our drive to TableRock SP, we were passed by a red Camaro with vanity plates:  Corgie 1.  I yelled out; “Look it’s the sign I asked for!”  The Hub smiled and said; ” Well I loved all my Camaros–anything is possible.”  I knew it was her magic but he was not really convinced.

Well, three days later we were packing up to head home and one thing after another made us delay our exit.  It was all good.  We made it onto the road and about an hour in, My Hub exclaimed;  “That HAS to be a sign.”  And he pointed to a red Camaro with “Corgie 1” 1 plates!!  Yes, against nearly impossible odds, we saw that car on the highway both coming and going.

So, my Holiday message to you is to believe. Our loved ones are never far.  Love never dies.

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Losses

  1. I was so sorry to read about the loss of your Corgi … your dog had a wonderful life with you and your husband.

    After retiring 11 years ago, I knew I wanted another dog … I’d had Cocker Spaniels and Corgis … but this time I wanted a dog that matched my new stage in life. A Cavalier King Charles was the answer … so six-week-old Gracie Maude entered my life.

    What can I say about a companion that only gives love? Gracie understood me, and I did my best to care for and understand her.

    About a year ago, Grace began having health problems. At each appointment I ask about her current status and prognosis. The vet’s answer was always the same, “Make sure she takes her meds … and at the most … three months to a year.” At our last visit, I ask Dr. Daume, “But when will I know?” She listed several things and then said, “You’ll know,”

    Five days later, on an early Sunday morning … I knew the time had come … I could see it in Grace’s eyes … she had given life her all. Within 30 minutes we were at the clinic where my best friend was waiting for us; we both said our goodbyes; Dr. Daume injected the medication; and in seconds Gracie gently, quietly slipped away in my arms.

    The power of that loss was and still is awful … but I’ll never forget the love and devotion of my sweet Gracie.


    1. Yes, that’s the truth of it. One can never regret having accepted the beauty of the gifts of love–even when the pain of loss is so dear.

      It is all a circle of life.

      I’ve had signs from my Mom and Sis who died during the holidays in ”15 and from my Dad who passed shortly after in ”16. But I’ll say the Corgie 1 in my Hub’s favorite car sure was the most loving and playful sign of all. The playfulness is a gift to treasure because isn’t that what it’s all about? The message of loving full tilt and enjoying this crazy thing we call life.

      Life is better with loving animals beside us.


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